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From script to grading, our directors have a deep knowledge of the Animation craft in all areas. A part from their love for storytelling and visual artistry their experience during more than 15 years as 3D artists gives them the power to know if something is possible to be done and when is the right moment to do it.

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Character Development

As part of our strengths and passions you'll find in 23lunes a great partner designing and developing any kind of character you need. We can create top quality characters for feature films that look great in the big screen, so just imagine one of those characters as part of your commercial campaigns, or becoming an important tool for your brand. 


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Animation & DFX

In 23lunes we have a strong CG department where we develop all kind of animation: 3D, 2D, motion graphics, some or all of these combined, on their own or with live action, so we give a  solid approach to all of our projects. We design every project from scratch giving our clients the possibility to have unique and original pieces that distinguish their brands from the rest.

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