Ender’s game

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23Lunes is responsible for the sequence called "The Mind Game" inside the movie Ender's Game, working directly with Digital Domain, under the wing of Gavin Hood (Ender's Game Director) and Matt Butler (VFX supervisor). Our aim was to design and produce this full CG sequence with a combination of high standard visual quality with a big content of art and design.

:: Character design and development: All characters
:: Mouse animation and rig
:: Giant Animation and rig (based on Gavin Hood's performance)
:: Environment design, concept art and look development.
:: 3D development, animation, liquids, FX&simulation, lighting&render
:: Compositing and Grading.
:: Hair simulation, cloth, Character animation and Rig, by Digital Domain.

Developed by 23Lunes and Vectorsoul, direction by Gavin Hood and Digital Domain.

Some of our Tasks
Character and Environment Design
Concept Art & Look Development
Character Animation
Compositing & Color Grading
Character Rig, Cloth, Hair Sims
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  • Executive Producer: Sergio Jiménez
    Digital Effects Supervisor: Jordi García
    Digital Effects Supervisor: Bor Arroyo
    Digital Effects Supervisor: Alex Martin
    Concept Art and Art Director: David Cabrera

    Executive Creative Producer: Alex Maldonado
    Production Coordinator: Angee Marcazzan
    International Producer: Esther Ruiz

    3D Animation Supervisor: Hector Muñoz
    Lighting TD: Daniel Alejo
    Character TD: Vincenzo Leombruno
    Character TD: Marco Romeo
    Digital Effects Operator: Philipe G.Schibler
    Digital Effects Operator: Miquel Corominas Pla
    3D Modeler: Álvaro Gascó
    3D Modeler: Rebeca Puebla
    3D Artist: Miguel Miranda
    3D Artist: Xavi Santed
    3D Animator: Arnau Solà
    3D Animator: Juan Couto
    3D Animator: David Llopis
    3D Animator: José A. Portillo
    Digital Compositor: Lluisa Cuchillo
    Digital Compositor: Albert García
    Digital Compositor: Frankie de Leonardis
    Digital Compositor: Quico Noizeaux

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